The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has declined to co-star with Hollywood star Will Smith yet again.

Two years ago, Smith offered Ash a role in his comedy ‘Hitch’ which Ash could not accept due to time constraints.

At that time, a besotted Smith who wanted to work with the beauty queen had said in an interview, “Aishwarya has this powerful energy and doesn’t have to say anything, or do anything, she can just stand there. Anything she’s making, I’ll be there.”


Since then, Ash turned down two more Will Smith projects.

“I had to say no to Will for ‘The Seven Pounds’ and now again for ‘Tonight He Comes’ (Smith’s super-hero flick re-named John Hancock). I feel awful about it. But I’ve my priorities. Family always comes first,” Ash is quoted as saying in a news report.

Contrary to reports, Ash didn’t decline the film to celebrate Karwa Chauth in Mumbai.

“That’s what the Hollywood press wrote... that I preferred to return to Mumbai to ‘starve’ myself for a religious occasion than to meet Will. That’s incorrect. The script reading was just after Diwali when Dadima’s (Teji Bachchan’s) health dipped. So I didn’t make that trip for the reading with Will. Is that wrong? Not to me. I’d any day put family over career.”

Ash had to say no to ‘Tonight He Comes’ because of her hectic schedules.

“I couldn’t do it because of my schedules. Flying in and out of the country for a role is not what I want to do now,” the Bachchan bahusaid.