The Capital witnessed a hair conference with the gorgeous Sushmita Sen and the lady behind Shah Rukh Khan’s looks and locks, Dilshad Pastakia.

Actress Sushmita Sen gave some tips on how to have beautiful hair like hers and also revealed who she thought had the best hair in the industry.

From different hair do's on different actors over the years, from Shah Rukh's pony tail to Aamir's recent fuzz cut, Sushmita Sen has her views on the whole trend of actors experimenting with their looks.

“It is very hard for an actor to reinvent their look,” says Sushmita Sen.

“When they come to us they are looking for a style for a new character, however, we have to make sure they don't look funny,” says hairdresser, Dilshad Pastakia.
And who has the most stylish hairstyle in the industry?

“Your hair is very much a part of yourself. I think Akshay is quite good. Aamir, I think is the only male actor who takes care of his hair. I think he uses Pantene,” says Sushmita Sen.


Although the gathering was more about brand promotion than hair care, however, Sushmita gave some hair care tips and coming from the former Miss Universe, there could be no hair-splitting on that advice.

“It is very important to keep natural sheen and strength of your hair. Never keep your hair dirty. It is good to always keep it clean,” said Sushmita.