Saif is a talented actor and knows how to act flawlessly not only in reel life but in real life too. He had expressed his love for Bebo in various ways and according to Kareena tattooing her name on his hand is the most unique one. His tattoo is again driving media attention. The news spread like a fire in the jungle that his tattoo is unreal and he gets it dyed weekly to maintain its color.


Kareena was highly impressed when Saif had acted like David Beckham and inked her name on his arm. The fact that his tattoo is not real and he had temporarily written her name is definitely going to hurt her. With this cheap move, Saif showed how loyal he is to Kareena. For quite sometime, Saif and Kareena’s relationship is going through rough weather and is expected to worsen with this tattoo story.

Both of them had a big fall out when Saif spoiled her holi plans. The duo also had an argument over their marriage during the shooting of Tashan in Greece. Saif wished to tie the knot early but Kareena is not in the mood to get married at this peak point and mark full stop to her booming career. Moreover, Kareena is also having a hard time convincing her parents who are against their marriage.