Rani Mukerji has now in Yash Raj Films’s next, directed by Kunal Kohli, she has done some heroic stunts for which she had to get her timing right, right down to a split second.

Rani had to balance herself on cable wires like Hrithik Roshan in Krissh 2. Director Kohli says that Rani underwent many rehearsals and trials for the stunt scenes. They shot on many outdoor locations in Mumbai, at Film City and inside the Yash Raj studios. At every place, they took utmost precaution. It could have been very dangerous if Rani had slipped. Thankfully, she pulled it off without retakes. This film will see a new Rani that Kohli adds. Special costumes have been designed for Rani for this film. Kunal says that it’s right. Manish Malhotra and action director Shyam Kaushal took care of that. She had to wear a specific kind of clothes before she could do the stunt scenes. Rani plays an angel who descends to earth to look after business-executive Saif Ali Khan’s children.