Yes in a recent interview that he gave to a leading news paper, the actor has revealed this. Reports indicate that he had said if he was not an actor then he would have been a teacher.


King Khan who will soon be seen hosting the quiz show 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai' has said that the teaching profession has always interested him. It seems that the actor also said that hosting this quiz show would fulfill his dream.

The actor also revealed a glimpse of his school life when he said being in school was fun, and that he was very naughty. But the on a serious note, SRK said he was studious as well.

The star also gave a couple of tips on good parenting saying that parents should be responsible as well as be good friends to their children.

The master is all set to shoot childish questions to the parents this time on his new game show, and for all the kids out there, this is your time to watch your parents closely and give them a piece of your mind when they give the wrong answer.