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Thread: My Beloved

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    My Beloved

    Without her I'm nothing

    But for me she's everything

    I feel coming home from miles

    When I'm away and she smiles

    I love her from the core of my heart

    And do everything to her not to hurt

    But when she's upset with me

    I'm cut off from humanity

    But her beauty lies in forgiving me

    Who has really made my childhood a childhood

    And the best stage of any hood

    Between the right and wrong

    She taught me what to choose

    Under who's feet Heaven lies

    I shall never tell her lies

    My recognition is she

    Who has in this world introduced me

    The need for saying I love you

    Does arise when seeing you

    Because this is the way, you too feel

    And from all the harm you heal

    To every Mother from her Child

    "You are very Special for me"

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    ....ya motherly love is unique..nice one...

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