Holi has a special charm that brings out the masti in everyone. Naturally, most celebs are crazy about this stress-free, stress-busting festival — a great way to combat the pressures of hectic schedules. So, how do they celebrate this colourful, fun-filled occasion?
“A little bit of colour,” says Soha Ali Khan. “It’s just another opportunity to be with the people who are close to you.” Sameera Reddy isn’t eager to get drenched, however, saying, “I really don’t like getting wet, but I love the colours!” Actors like Aarti Chhabria and Prashant Raaj declare that Holi is one of their favourite festivals. “There’s colour, water, life,” says Prashant. “People are always smiling and laughing.” Yet, some celebs actually steer clear of the cheer. Sonali Kulkarni says, “I’m really shy about playing Holi. I haven’t played it for years now.” Even Ayesha Takia is part of the silent spectators’ club. “To tell you the truth, I never play Holi because I get very scared,” she laughs. “I remember when I was a child, everyone from my building used to ring the bell early in the morning — they looked really scary with all those colours on them!”

And then there are others like Juhi Chawla and Aditi Govitriker who go wild splashing water and rang all around. “Last year, we had a whole bunch of friends over,” says Juhi, “A lot of dunking took place; there was this huge pool and we threw everyone in! It was great fun.” Well Ayesha, if you can’t beat them, it’s probably better to join them!