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Thread: Happy Birthday Nidokidos

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    Happy Birthday Nidokidos

    Hi friends

    I hope all of you will be fine.

    Long ago we asked for donations for nidokidos website. An American Lady contributed in it first of all , Then a Serdar Ji , I remember his name , Mr Kulbir Singh from India send his donation , Meera Arebyat participated from Jordan. And a Gentleman from England also send a good amount. Many others also want to donate , but they were facing some technical problems in donating online. I am really thankful to all of the participants.

    I am also thankful to all the members, who post material to the group, and forward our group emails to their friends. They are partipants in the progress of our group and website.


    The donated money was invested at the right place , Today is an active website having lots of features. And lots of features are coming soon.

    This December many events of happiness were together. Nidokidos Group birthday was on 16th, Christmas on 25th and in the end of the month, Eid and New year is also being celebrated. The best way to celebrate an event is to share happiness with the people who need us. We have donated 20 thousand Pak rupees to a charity based cancer hospital. This amount of money is equal to the amount of money we got as donations from members of nidokidos group. So actually their money is donated to the hospital now.

    Shaukat Khanum Memorail Cancer Hospital is worlds first private cancer hospital. Famous cricket celebrity Imran Khan is managing and raising funds for the Hospital. Donations are used for the free treatment of the poor people .You can visit the website of shaukat Khanum at

    Happy Birthday Nidokidos

    Happy christmas

    Happy Eid


    Happy New Year.

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    brilliant yaar!

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