The comedy specialist recently revealed this ‘quite unknown‘ side to personality during a radio interview. The actor was in the studios of a famous Radio Channel for their Holi special episode.
Everything went well till the radio jockey offered him Biryani!


Hearing about celebrities and their queer ways has become too much of a common thing for The Bitch now. Yawn, am so bored but the work has to go on!

It so happened that Tusshar was there to promote his over hyped upcoming comedy ‘One two Three‘ and was chatting live about how great the movie is and things like that with the female jockey Malishka from Big 92.7 FM.

After probably they ran out of any more stuff to talk about the movie, Malishka decided to offer Tusshar Biryani during one of the breaks. It was then that Tusshar started behaving strange and dismissed the idea saying he was not hungry!

When Malishka insisted on Biryani, Tusshar appeared nervous but tried his best to hide it. Simply because he didn‘t want to reveal his weakness in front of Malishka!

He just started sharing some fitness tips with her. As if people think he is very strong or something. Or are interested in his fitness tips! Wake up and smell the coffee Tusshar.

You ain‘t no Hrithink Roshan, man!
Malishka says, "Tusshar Kapoor was here and we had a rocking time. When I offered him Biryani he refused. I told him that a few months ago Ranbir Kapoor was here and he had plates full of Biryani. Tusshar immediately said that stars have to work hard on their bodies and pay a lot for it. So I try and avoid such meals and have Biryani once in a couple of weeks."

Malishka might not be aware. But the Bitch has found out that it‘s not about being health conscious or anything of that sort. It‘s because Tusshar is allergic to rice!

The Bitch‘s source says, "Tusshar was once shooting for one of his comedy movies and during lunch time everybody had Biryani. Tusshar too had some and next day he had a bloated face. He could not shoot for some days and unit members suffered because of him. Since then Tushhar makes it a point not to have anything made of rice especially when he has to shoot."

Tusshar‘s next film after ‘One Two Three‘ is ‘Golmaal Returns‘.

This very rice shunning habit would have worked as a boon for any other star. It would have got him/her a great physique. But it‘s Tusshar Kapoor who is meant to fool around and play the buffoon in every second film he does!

The Bitch doesn‘t see any such transition happening for Tusshar!