One fails to understand why Bollywood actresses fall for these cricketer dudes. The latest in the list is our Piggy chops.
A source informs that Bollywood Actresss Priyanka Chopra keeps herself busy on the cell phone 24x7.
Guess who is finding solace in the company of this pretty damsel? Well, our source informs that it is none other than cricketer Sreesanth. The actress and the cricketer have become phone pals.
Imagine, she isnít even doing a Preity Zinta - like IPL number. Neither does she have a fleeting fancy a la Deepika Padukone for Yuvi or Dhoni.
Okay guys, we're told that Priyanka and Sree will be doing an ad together and itís for Lux toilet soap. Huh? Will he be dunked in a tub of rose petals? Or will Priyanka just soap his face with bubbles?
Recently, there was news of Sreesanth calling up Priyanka to express his feelings. The news created quite a furor in the media. There was also an audio tape of their conversation. Both Sree and Priyanka have denied any such happening.