Denying rumours that she forced Madhur Bhandarkar to change the climax in Fashion, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who has been shooting nights for the movie, says her character getting pregnant was not a part of the script.

Priyanka Chopra says 'That was never a part of the script. The ending was decided at the scripting stage. The girl was never meant to get pregnant.

'Why would I shy away from doing something unconventional? I started with Aitraaz, which was as unconventional as they come. I'm so amused by all the speculation about Fashion. It just shows how much interest the film is generating. In spite of the constant attention, we've shot a majority of the film. We're all working really hard on it.'

'I don't know where these stories come from. Apparently, I asked Madhur to change the climax of the plot so that my character doesn't get pregnant. Now where did that come from? Madhur is a very competent director. Do you think he'd allow any actor to tamper with the script?

'Yes, the two of us sat down on the script and threshed it out over six-seven months. Once that was done, we went by the script completely. I'd be the last person to ask for changes once I begin shooting.'

As for the film being inspired by the lives of real-life ramp-walkers, Priyanka clears the air.

'The film is a work of fiction. It's not meant to be the true story about the modelling world. Basically, it's the story of this one girl's biographical journey, just like Tabu in Madhur's Chandni Bar or Bipasha in Corporate.

'The fashion world is my character's backdrop. My character could very well have been a part of any other profession.'

Priyanka, who will be seen in Drona and Love Story 2050, admits that she has never been more nervous about any of her films.

'It's a very nerve-wracking character and I hope I'm able to live up to people's expectations.'

Priyanka has to cram in as much of the shooting as possible for Fashion before she rushes off in March to Miami for Karan Johar's 'Dostana' directed by Tarun Mansukhani.


'That would be a welcome sunny seaside change after shooting the intense scenes indoors on a set for Fashion. It's a young peppy frothy film. Totally different from Fashion.'