Himesh Reshammiya found a unique way to make his upcoming film, Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekh Mudh Mudh Ke's (Phew!) producer Aditya Singh quit smoking forever. Himesh, who has become a fitness freak after having lost oodles of weight and bagging big budget films, is back in India after a long shooting schedule of Karzzzz in South Africa. As the singer-turned-actor detests smoking, he promised to immediately allot dates for the Paris schedule of Mudh Mudh Ke… on the condition that Aditya immediately quits smoking. Aditya had no option but to immediately give up smoking so that he could get Himesh's dates.

Aditya says, "I had been thinking of quitting smoking for a long time. However, I had failed even after trying to quit smoking a few times earlier. When Himesh and I met up to discuss dates for Mudh Mudh Ke…, he suddenly asked me that he will give me his dates immediately if I quit smoking. It was one of those impulsive conditions from his side and I took it as a challenge and have quit smoking."


Aditya says that he hasn't smoked a cigarette for almost two weeks.

Himesh says, "Yes, Aditya has quit smoking after I asked him to. Now that he is making Mudh Mudh Ke… with me, it is very important for him to be absolutely fit so that he can turn his dreams into reality."