Mythology says that the place where you have a mole attracts its corresponding actions in abundance. For example, if you have a mole on your palm, you’re bound to attract money in abundance, mole on your tongue attracts sweet flow of words so on and so forth. Here is one man who we feel is blessed with not one, but multitudes of moles on his lips.


Emraan Hashmi, Bollywood’s very Brand Ambassador of ‘kiss’ whom no Miss (and even Mrs.) would ever want to miss. As today is the day when the man with the most envied destiny was born, join us in wishing the ‘one of his kind’ superstar, Emraan Hashmi, a very Happy Birthday by posting your messages below. Do we really need to mentions that besides your messages you can include your love and hugs and Yesss! Your kisses also, (as if u didn’t know)! All these days he was making your day now, its your turn to make the ‘Killer’s’ day by boarding ‘The Train’ that takes you to Emraan’s ‘Jannat’.