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    This tutorial may seem just plain silly, but experience has taught us that many problems attributed to more serious causes are merely the result of a dirty mouse. Have you ever found your mouse cursor "sticking" or behaving in a jerky, unpredictable manner? Time for a cleaning!

    This tutorial is not intended for wireless mice, which have more sensitive components. Do this when your computer is off. Turn your mouse over on its back. You should see a circular plastic piece surrounding a rubber ball in the bottom. Turn the plastic piece (usually clockwise) and take it out.

    Remove the ball. Put it someplace where it won't pick up extra dirt. The ball tends to stay clean even when everything else is dirty, but double-check. Remove hair, dust or lint by lightly pressing office tape to it and quickly pulling the tape off.

    The challenge is inside your mouse. You'll probably see dark marks on the center of each roller. Very gently scrape the dirt off with tweezers or a similar object. Take care not to damage the fine wires surrounding the rollers.

    Angle the mouse so that dirt won't fall deeper into it once it's scraped off. You can tap the mouse right side up on a flat surface occasionally to knock out any dirt accumulated out of reach.

    When done, simply replace the ball and slide the plastic piece back into place. Before testing your mouse, make sure that your mouse pad is clean and on a flat surface. Your pointer should now be "good to go"!


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    Thanks, but mine doesn't have a track ball

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