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Thread: ""Milain Hum Kabhi Tou AiSaY""

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    ""Milain Hum Kabhi Tou AiSaY""

    Milain HUm KaBhi Tou Aisay K HijaaB Bhool JaEy
    Main Sawal Bhool Jaon , Too JawaB Bhool JaEY

    Too Kisi Khayal May Ho Aur Isi Khayal Hi May
    Kabhi Mere Rastay May Too GulaaB Bhool JaEy

    Kabhi Too Jo Perhnay Baithy Mujhy Harf Harf Daikhay
    Teri Aankhain Bheeg Jain Too KitaaB BhOol JaEy


    Too Jo Daikhay Meri JaniB Tou Bachon Main Ik Gunah Say
    Tujhy Daikh Lon Main Itna K Sharaab BhoOl JaEy

    Mujhy Ghum Tou Day Raha Hay Mager Is Pey Chahta Hay
    Main HisaB Rakh Na PaaOn Too HisaB BhOOl JaEy

    Mujhy SaaD Jatay Jarat FaqaT Itnaa Kah Gaya Hay
    JiSSay Day Dikhae Acha Woh KharaB BhOol JaEy

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    Thanks for sharing

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    ....hmm nice post..thankyou...

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