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Thread: Shame on Media

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    Shame on Media

    For nearly 24 hours entire Indian Media was busy with celebrity new born baby but from last 64 yrears
    they could not spare single hour for thousands of children dying daily of preventable disease.

    Shame on Media

    The UN estimates that 2.1 million Indian children die before reaching the age of 5 every year
    - four every minute - mostly from preventable illnesses such as diarrhoea , typhoid, malaria ,


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    This is why media policy usually, and understandably, focuses on visible instances of policy action:
    of government intervention, regulatory activity, civil society engagement, and corporate initiatives.

    It is the fact that Less frequently considered is the process by which certain issues, frames, and proposals are neglected
    inside decision-making structures.

    This essay reflects on the relationship between industrial activism and policy silences in relation to government desire to
    secure a digital communications infrastructure for the twenty-first century.

    Now , it is the time to think that policy analysts need to look beyond immediate and visible instances
    of decision making in the media field and examine the ideological processes of exclusion and marginalization
    that distort media policy making and undermine the emergence of alternative paradigms and policy outcomes.

    Actually now a days media is not behaving like a professionals . Which is very totally avoiding to their duties .

    in this way , soon we will be collapsed due to ingnoring the social problems of low class .

    Becasuse the mens make the nation , if we do like this then how we could be developed nation .

    we should be independently take the decisions to save our brothers and sisters.

    Media only focused the celebrities , multinational company , business mans and political figrures .

    These are in numbers who are the icon of our country but fact is that rest of the people are the actual power of nation .

    Now its time to take decision before its too late !
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