Actors are known to do all kind of things to hide from fans or from getting mobbed... Shreyas Talpade and Amrita Rao also had a mini adventure on the streets of Hyderabad recently. The duo were shooting for Mahadev Ka Sajjanpur and every girl on the sets kept raving about the bangles that one gets in Hyderabad; they kept raving about the unusual colours and kinds... that was enough to tempt Sheyas's wife and Amrita Rao to visit the old market and pick up some bangles.


So on a holiday, Shreyas Talpade along with his wife and Amrita Rao along with her sister went shopping at old bazaar in the Charminar area wearing burqas... Now for Amrita this was a comfortable proposition. What Shreyas had not bargained that how uncomfortable this would be with his jeans, shirt and burqa. Shreyas looked extremely funny in this attire, his physique, jeans and shoes were peeping out, apparently Amrita and Shreyas's wife just couldn't stop laughing looking at him and teased him a lot, an embarrass Shreyas then removed his burqa and preferred wearing a cap and sunglasses and go shopping. "It was really funny the way we went out shopping, but I guess we had no other option," laughs Amrita. Now that's what we call paying a heavy prize for stardom, what's say?