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Thread: The Classroom Joke

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    The Classroom Joke

    The teacher announces that she is going to hold something behind her back, and the students have to tell her what she has behind her back.

    First she holds a ruler and says, "It's long, hard and you can measure with it."

    A little girl stands up and says, "It's a ruler."

    The teacher replies, "Very good, I like the way you think."

    Then she holds a apple behind her and says, "It's red, round and you can eat it."

    A little boy stands up and says, "It's an apple."

    The teacher replies, "Very good, I like the way you think."

    Now little Johnny stands up and says, "Teacher I have one for you."

    Little Johnny sticks his hand in his pocket and says, "It's round, hard and has a head on it".

    The teacher screams, "Get to the office!"

    Little Johnny smiles and says, "It's a quarter

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    Good one Beng

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    gud one buudy
    rather naughty hahaha

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