Shah Rukh takes on Akshay at gala function


Bollywood’s King Khan is feeling the heat from Action Man and has started poking fun at him during events. Who and what are we talking about… Read on!

The biggest Bollywood star right now, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan has taken a jibe at Akshay Kumar, the guy who is within reach of his King crown. Shah Rukh has become so worried about the threat from this once restaurant waiter that he is now using his function appearances to take pot swings at him.

As if the jokes thrown at Akshay Kumar at the recently held Filmfare Awards were not enough, King Khan used a recent event in Jamnagar, organized by Mukesh Ambani, to further show his worries to the world. According to an onlooker, “Shah Rukh just couldn’t stop passing comments on Akki during the 45-minute-long skit. The actor passed comments like, ‘So what if Akshay has had more releases last year? So what if Akshay’s earnings have shot up? So what if he can do daring action scenes? What he can do, SRK can do better. When it comes to quality, there’s none to beat SRK.’

Many other attendees were surprised that Shah Rukh was making jokes about Akshay Kumar, who wasn’t even present at the function. “We watch Shah Rukh doing the same thing at every award function. But the difference is that he earlier made fun of his colleagues in their presence. This time, Akshay wasn’t even present in Jamnagar. What clearly came across was SRK’s insecurity due to Akshay’s success,” added the source