you're just one film old and yet getting oodles of attention, you might not know how to handle it. With the success of his recent film -- Taare Zameen Par -- child actor Darsheel Safary has been constantly swamped by the media and he does not seem to be enjoying all the attention.


Darsheel Safary bagged a role in Aamir Khan's directorial debut and he even snatched the Critics Best Actor Award at the bygone 53rd Filmfare Awards from right under King Khan's nose. It seems this little wonder is now all set to steal the show in the advertising world as well, with endorsements pouring in from all sides. He even gets invites to be the guest of honour at events.

On Friday (March 21) Times Now caught up with Darsheel as he inaugurated the Jammin store at the Cross Roads Mall in Haji Ali. Darsheel was not just having a blast gaming at 'Jammin' but also enjoyed all the attention coming his way. But what took us by surprise were the starry tantrums thrown by this one film old actor. When asked about the sudden outburst the young tyke -- Darsheel Safary -- said, "Im tired of being chased by the media." He also added that he is tired of being touted against Shahrukh Khan (SRK) and said that he is not trying to compete with the King Khan at all.

While Darsheel may not be planning to take SRK head on right away, he needs to get used to being a celebrity and getting mobbed by the media.