Aamir apologizes in person to Amitabh Bachchan

The cold war between two of India’s leading stars has come to an end…

When Taare Zameen Par director Aamir Khan criticized legend Amitabh Bachchan’s character in renowned flick Black, Big B hit back by saying “’May be the performances in Black did go over Aamir’s head”. Knowing that he had upset one of Bollywood’s greatest actors, Aamir Khan tried to apologize. But, Mr. Bachchan was not going to have any of it. He refused to answer Aamir’s phone calls. However, late on Tuesday afternoon, Aamir took an unprecedented step by making an unannounced visit to the sets of Sujoy Ghosh’s Alladin, where Amitabh was shooting.

The showdown took place at the age-old Mehboob Studios, with many onlookers surprised. One of them told Indian daily Mid-Day, “Everyone was surprised to see Aamir on the sets of Alladin. He came at around 3.30 pm and went straight up to Bachchan. He spoke to him for a while and left. Aamir did not interact much with the other stars of Alladin, which included Sanjay Dutt and Riteish Deshmukh.”

When Amitabh was asked as to how the meeting went, he responded, “Oh, grow up. It was a normal thing that we all do when colleagues are shooting together. He came home to pay his condolences when my mother passed away and again for the chautha. He has been to Jalsa several times. Aamir has invited us to see his film Taare Zameen Par. I’m waiting for all my family members to be in town so we can see the film. Right now Jaya is attending Parliament, Abhishek is in Miami and Ash too will be away.”


So there you have it… it seems whenever someone has a tiff with Mr. Bachchan, the only way they can meet and apologize to him is if they make unsurprised visits while he is shooting… because otherwise he will not meet you. The same happened when he was supposedly having a quarrel of sorts with Shah Rukh Khan.