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Thread: Shilpa’s hour of shame at Mumbai nightclub

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    Shilpa’s hour of shame at Mumbai nightclub

    Shilpa’s hour of shame at Mumbai nightclub

    Shilpa Shetty may be well known around the globe, more in the UK because of he talent show win, but in India she is unrecognizable… even in the heart of Bollywood, Mumbai.

    A few days ago, Shilpa and her new boyfriend NRI Raj Kundra, entered the coveted night-spot Bling. But, not one employee came forward to take their coats and escort them to a VIP area. The couple looked in disarray and began to walk back out of the club when the owner, Jacky Bhagnani turned up. He then apologized and took them to the lounge where other stars were already enjoying a drink or two.


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    nice share
    post some pics with the news also
    so it becomes interesting to read

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