Introduction: A true friendship is built on trust and honesty, is able to withstand the test of time, and possesses the capacity of forgiveness.

Foundation: A friendship is built on a solid foundation, which enables it to withstand adversity and conflict. For example, a true friend will understand your underlying feelings in spite of your outward actions.

Respect: Respect is the key to any successful relationship; and without it, there can be no true Friendship. For example, a true friend may disagree and share a different opinion in a caring and thoughtful way, not in a scornful and disdainful manner.

Intimacy: A friendship involves the sharing of personal and intimate information, which is safely held Between friends. For example, a true friend will hold a confidence no matter the burden.

Enrichment: A friendship provides a richness to each friend by giving each a sense of value and importance. For example, a true friend is able to give love, compassion, attention, and compliments unselfishly.

Nourishment: A friendship nourishes the soul and makes the heart sing. For example, a true friend knows how to plant seeds and empower in an honest and loving way.

Dance: A friendship resembles a perfectly choreographed and perfectly synchronized dance between two partners. For example, a true friend knows what step you are going to take before you take it.

Support: A friendship provides support during times of need. For example, when you are walking a difficult path, a true friend is there to quietly walk beside you and to give you whatever is needed no matter the circumstances.

Harmony: A friendship is a harmonious bond between human beings where different ideas and thoughts may be freely shared with each friend having the capacity to fully understand. For example, a true friendship involves an honest exchange of ideas without chaos or conflict.

Inspiration: A friendship serves to inspire. For example, a true friend possesses unconditional kindness and love, which inspires others to exemplify the same traits.

Partnership: A friendship is a partnership with both friends working together to create a synergy. For example, an obstacle is more easily and effortlessly overcome with the help of a friend.