There's a new girl in Shahid Kapoor's life his co-star in Ken Ghosh's untitled film. The girl in question is one-year-old Radhika. Laughing about it Ken says, "Yes, Radhika is the new babe in Shahid's life. She has a small role in the film and from the day they met they couldn't keep their hands off each other. It was instant chemistry! Forget Vidya, Sania and Amrita Rao, Shahid had eyes for no one else but Radhika!

During the entire shoot, even though the baby was with her parents, Shahid would play with her in her van and babysit her. When the shoot got over and he was missing her, we called her back and spoke to her."
Ken adds, "I was surprised to find that SIn fact, Radhika developed such a rapport with Shahid that she would start crying when she saw me and would start smiling when she saw Shahid. I used to think I was good with kids, having children of my own. I am seeing a new side of Shahid.


All the shooting was planned around the baby her nap time, feed time and burp time. While we would get irritated, Shahid would patiently wait. Charlie Chaplin would say, 'never share a frame with babies or animals as the star will lose the audience to them. They will just keep looking at them and no star stands a chance against such appeal!' "

Ken says he has known Shahid for six years but he hasn't changed a bit. "He's as grounded as ever. He has stuck to his vegetarian food, doesn't drink and sits at home instead of partying. Shahid does what he believes in and most people mistake this for snobbishness. Shahid's a workaholic everything from his work to personal life is centred around it. I love partying but when we have a 9 am shoot he forbids me from partying late and I listen."
hahid was so good with kids.