While Aamir Khan’s comment on being Number One didn’t miff Shah Rukh Khan at all, there were quite a few folk taken aback by it. Juhi Chawla is one of them. Juhi, who was Aamir’s co-star in his debut film, was surprised at the comment from the usually reticent Khan. After a brief session of not knowing what to say, she smiled, “Well, Aamir has changed. What more do I say.” She was quick to add, “I’m sure it was all said in good humour.” While Juhi and Aamir were co-stars once, the former is currently Shah Rukh’s partner in the Indian Premiere League team, Knight Riders.

Juhi beamed, “We are hoping the match is no less than a blockbuster. Each match should be like a carnival.” With the diligent Shah Rukh for a partner, she need not worry.