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Thread: Moods Of A Woman

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    Moods Of A Woman

    An angel of truth
    A dream of fiction
    She is afraid of a wasp
    will scream at a mouse;
    but will tackle a stranger alone in the house.
    Sour as vinegar, sweet as a rose;
    she will kiss u one minute,
    then turn up her nose.
    She will win u in rage,
    enchant u in silk;
    She will b stronger then brandy,
    milder then milk.
    At times she will b vengeful, merry n sad;
    She will hate u like poison & love u like hell...!!


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    nice the way how u know so much abt women's mood

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    well ash i am a flirt so if i have first hand info helps

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    u have some misconceptions abt urself abt urself i think ......................u r not flirt..........u r sweet friend

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    devils r never sweet ashu...they r devils

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    no signs of the devil anymore.

    If the gfs showed you so much of themselves then you would have vowed never to flirt again. hehehe

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    lolz nice one lalliv but .....practise make a flirt perfect

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    whats the difference between a flirt and a perfect flirt?/

    hey sunny ,ash is the chat working i cant even find a entry point on the home page these days

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    perfect filrt ....don't know

    hey sunny ,ash is the chat working i cant even find a entry point on the home page these days
    never got u what u mean????

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    so sweet

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