Physical difference of Girls and Boys:

There are many differences between girls and boys , scuh are given below ....

1-normally boys are heavier and tall with comparison to girls .

2-girls have no hair on their body as compare to boys , like on their chest .

3-girls are more sensitive and boys are strong .

4-Body growth of girls is fast as compre to boys .

5-Boys have larger heart and lungs , in this way they have more capcity to produce red blood cells .

6-girls need more oxygen as compare to boys during exercise and walking .

7-female reproducton process is minmized at the age of 35 , but males are able even in the old age .

8-males skin is more protective and absorbtive to females , this is why males skin remain oily and thiker.

9-fat ratio is grater in females as compre to males .

10- male and females have different levels of certain hormones; for example, men have a higher concentration
of androgens such as testosterone, while women have a higher concentration of estrogens.

11-their is no difference in the intelligence level , and have equal weigh of mind as compare to their body weigh.

12-males have better vision in lighted area , but females have better night vision .

13-Males are risk taker as compare to females .

14-males are muscular as compare to females .