Exuding confidence that Indian filmmakers can win over western audiences if they aim to do so, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan says corporate houses entering the world of entertainment should be given time to mature.

"I can't think of any Indian filmmaker who has made films for international audience. For years we are making films for our audience and we have a very healthy audience. However, our producers have created impact with their films without actually aiming to do so - for instance Raj Kapoor," Aamir said while speaking at the session, "Entertainment Next", at the India Today Conclave 2008 here Saturday.

"If we really want to entertain the world audience, then first you have to decide to (do) that. I am sure we can do it," added the actor-director who surprises his fans and the film fraternity by making films on the most unconventional scripts.

His hit directorial debut "Taare Zameen Per", about childcare, is the recent example of his creative excellence.

"I think it will happen organically. The form of Indian cinema is very dear to me and by retaining the same form I would like to entertain the international audience," he said.

Commenting on the corporate houses in filmmaking, he said: "Suddenly a lot of corporates have come up. There is a lot of money but they don't know what to do with the money. The bosses in a corporate house, who green light a project, should have creative experience.

"The corporates are just babies. I feel the day they will have the ability to identify a good script, I would say they have matured and have arrived."

The actor also stressed that people today need a team of energetic young people who aren't actually directing a film but can oversee the creative work.

"I also think that these youngsters should be sent to a film school first to make them understand what film business is all about," he added.


When asked how he chooses his scripts, Aamir said: "I follow my gut feeling. When I'm reading a script or hearing a script, I see myself as the audience and if the script moves me and excites me, then I decide to be a part of it."

Hollywood studios like Sony Pictures have started venturing into India's film industry.

"These studios are not interested in taking our films to the West. They just want to make films in India for Indians," said Aamir.

He also rued the fact that no investment is made in research and development of creative content in India