After the super-hit `Dil Chahta Hai`, director Farhan Akhtar is set to work with Saif Ali Khan again in a new age film about the modern communication system.

`Voice From The Sky` has been a project close to Farhan Akhtar`s heart for a very long time.


It is a movie set in the period when the telephone had become a new means of communication. `I began scripting `Voice From The Sky` right after `Dil Chahta Hai`. It has been with me since 2002-2003,` he said.

Irrfan Khan was supposed to play the lead. `I thought of Irrfan for the lead. But then Saif seemed a more natural choice. He`s apt for the character. After `Dil Chahta Hai`, we wanted to work together. We did come close to working together in my sister Zoya`s film. Finally, `Voice From The Sky` turned out to be the right movie,` Farhan said.

As usual, Saif took his time to decide. `I first spoke to Saif about this movie a year ago. At that point of time, he wasn`t clear about whether he`d be able to do it. Then one day, out of the blue, he called me and said he can`t stop thinking about the script. After that we made an effort to accommodate each other. The project will take off at the end of the year.`

Farhan refuses to take credit for Saif`s stardom after `Dil Chahta Hai`. `It proved to be a turning point for all of us. That film was part of our journey. But, yes, it was a milestone for Saif, and for me,` Farhan said.

Farhan is also upbeat about working with Priyanka Chopra. `She is hassle-free and, according to me, still has lots of untapped potential. Her role in `Voice From The Sky` is very different from whatever she has done so far. It`s primarily the story of a little boy. Priyanka and Saif are the two people who come into his life. I`m really looking forward to working with Priyanka and Saif after `Don` and `Dil Chahta Hai`.`

Farhan needs to find his child protagonists very soon. `Now that I`ve Saif and Priyanka in place, I can start looking for the boy. It would`ve been terrible to find him and then not be able to make the film,` he said.

Farhan admits that Saif and Priyanka make a viable pair. `Of course, they make a difference. We certainly get more eyeballs.`

`Voice From The Sky` will be made in both English and Hindi. `It won`t be in Hinglish. There are certain people who will speak only English. Others will speak Hindi,` the director said.