Aamir Khan has responded to Shah Rukh Khan ’s recent admission that he (SRK) is number two in Bollywood.

The tongue-in-cheek banter between the two Khans of Bollywood has moved a step further. It began on Wednesday when Aamir said at an event that Shah Rukh is number 2.
In response, SRK was no less witty and had accepted with sarcastic humility that it was a compliment to him to come on second spot after Aamir, who, SRK said, is indeed number one.

Now, on Saturday, when mediapersons told Aamir about SRK’s response and asked for his reaction, Aamir said with a broad smile: “Mujhe khushi hai ki usne maan liya” (I am glad that he has accepted that he is no. 2).


Of course it was said in good humour and the whole gathering of media persons broke out in laughter. Let us see what SRK would have to say to that.

The exchange of verbal volleys between the two Khans is getting interesting. How we wish the good-natured banter continues longer.