Kareena Kapoor, the face of Anne French hair remover, was to launch a booklet called Beautiful Skin Is In, comprising of presumably the actress' own skin-care tips. Taking place at Subhash Ghai's film institute, Whistling Woods, the event scheduled for noon started about three hours late.

While organisers blamed the delay on Kareena, the actress came and said she had a technical problem while shooting a promo for Anne French, and was caught up because they had to reshoot.

Looking stunning, Kareena unveiled the book saying she has given tips and easy ways to take care of your skin, plus a few simple fitness tips to stay healthy.


When asked about dieting, she said, 'I don't believe in dieting. All the rumours about me being on a drastic diet are false. I am following strict training from [Yoga guru] Bharat Thakur, and this shape I have achieved because of my strict vegetarianism.'