The verbal volley between the big Khans of Bollywood continues. Just few days after Aamir Khan jocularly stated that Shahrukh Khan was number two in Bollywood after him, King Khan took it in his stride and said: "It was a compliment." And now, Aamir Khan has retorted back saying that he's glad that Shahrukh has agreed that he's not the best .


While the media in Delhi on Saturday (March 15) waited to catch a glimpse of Aamir's tonsured look for his film Ghajini, they instead got to hear Aamir's latest quip. Aamir reacted to Shahrukh's recent comment and tongue firmly in cheek, he said:"I am glad that he has accepted that he is number 2".

While on Friday (March 14), the diplomatic Hrithik Roshan refused to be drawn into the number one controversy and said that both Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are number one.