Screaming fans were heard from behind the barriers of the 8th Dubai International Film Festival, as Tom Cruise attended the UAE premiere of Ghost Protocol, the fourth installment of Mission Impossible movies.

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The big screen blockbuster didn't steal the limelight away from regional uprisings, as one of the stars seemed more concerned about its influence on the countries involved.

"Oddly there is no better time for artists work then in times of turmoil, a lot comes out of it, but I hope it's freedom and -- you know -- peace comes out of it more than anything," said actor Simon Pegg.

Yet only a few out of 156 movies at the festival paid homage to the Arab Spring events with the focus predominantly on Egypt.

Amr Wakd, Egyptian actor and festival juror, said the effects of the uprisings would be felt more than seen.

"There will be an impact of whatever public movement that happened on the screen, not necessarily to discuss it or to delve into the details of it, but definitely the expression is an expression born after these movements and it will probably be a sturdier expression than we had before," he said.

Suha Arafat, widow of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, also attended the festival to promote Price of Kings, a documentary on her husband, which is one of a 12-part series on some of the world's most impactful leaders.

The film festival which began on December 7 will end on December 14.