So what might be the possible reason that Aamir has turned down this request and that too without even indicating a reason for his denial? Well we have all heard that Aamir has a notion that all award ceremonies are superfluous and an eye wash. And there is also the fact that Mr. Bachchan is the brand icon of IIFA, so might this be another reason?

Once when the Bachchan - Rani Mukherjee starrer ‘Black’ was released Aamir criticized the film, though it won accolades from far and wide, and the criticism was definitely not lost on the senior Bachchan. Though reports flew later that Aamir had wanted to apologise for his instantaneous remarks, he was never given a chance.

Well now it seems like the ball is in Aamir’s court. It does not do very well for an actor in Aamir’s cadre to behave like this and we hope that all this news circling around is rumor and that in reality Aamir Khan surely parts with some clips of his blockbuster ‘Taare Zameen Par’ for the IIFA.

Let’s have our fingers crossed.