Actor Aamir Khan rings in his 43rd birthday today. And what a glorious birthday this one will be for the actor. Aamir has proved once again, that he is man who believes in his actions doing the talking. With Taare Zaamen Par, releasing late last year, the actor has proved that not is he one of our finest actors, but also one of our more talented and courageous directors as well. Taare Zameen Par was truly an act of courage and Aamir came out with flying colours in this test.

For an actor, who began his career with a small role as a child artiste in Yaadon Ki Baraat, it has been a long and eventful journey. This willingness to take risks and follow his heart saw Aamir do films like Ketan Mehta's Holi and Aditya Bhattachrya's Raakh very early in his career. He did the usual Hindi film hero stuff like other heroes, but there was always a difference which he managed to bring to his roles, be it the one in Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, or the tapori in Rangeela, the cop in Sarfarosh or finally Bhuvan in Lagaan. Whenever he is judged by posterity, Aamir Khan will not be known as an actor for his quantity of work, but for the quality which makes his performances stand out even in an average films. He is truly an actor who has the ability to rise above the script. He is an actor who is constantly honing his craft with every performance. His penchant for perfection is therefore only natural. Not just satisfied with being an actor, Aamir turned producer with Lagaan. The effect of the film the masses was electric, quite like the effect Taare is having so many years down the line. Aamir could have chosen any film to launch himself as a director. The fact that he debuted with a film like Taare Zameen Par speaks volumes for the man, his creed and what he stands for. At age 43, he has miles to go, and one can be sure that it would be worth trekking those miles with him. Movietalkies would also like to salute Aamir and wish him a very happy birthday.


Meanwhile, the actor is believed to not be in a mood for a large celebration today, even though wife Kiran would have loved it and had already planned a bash for him. But the actor is seems to have developed butterflies, not about his birthday, but about shaving his hair today for the remake of Ghajini. He has urged wife Kiran to cancel all elaborate celebrations for the evening. Aamir has set aside three hours, from 7pm to 10 pm when celeb hairstylist Avan Contractor will shear his head. The perfectionist actor is yet to come to terms with the fact that he is going bald and is therefore in no mood to party. All he wants is to spend time with his children Junaid and Aira, mother Zeenat, sisters Nikhat and Farhat. The sit-down dinner is also likely to see Kiran's parents and Aamir's close friends including adman-lyricist Prasoon Joshi and actor Amin Haji.