How did your romance with Ranbir begin?
We met while we were shooting for our respective debut films (Om Shanti Om and Saawariya). At that point of time it was very different because he hadnít been in the limelight at all. It was a completely new thing for him whereas I was used to it, having been a model. We were both very involved with our films then. So we didnít really get too much time to spend with each other. We went our separate ways after our movies were released and we just disconnected. Then we got together again when we were doing Siddharthís (Anand, director) movie (Yash Raj Films). We were together for a month and thatís when it started.

Was there any attraction even when you two had met earlier?
Yes, we got along well even then. But we didnít get too much time to be in a relationship. We thought Ďletís not rush into anythingí. We are young and we both have our careers to pursue. We also knew that at some point we would be working together and there would be enough time to get to know each otherHow does it feel being in love?
Itís a fantastic feeling. He is very caring. I am glad that I am finally in a relationship where my man loves me so much and for what I am. Also, when we met again, so much had already happened in our respective lives. We came from two different spaces. But we connected. The fact that both our families are also happy about this relationship makes it easier.

What do you think of his parents?
They are wonderful. His mum (Neetu Kapoor) is very sweet. Kapoors are loving people. They are all foodies. Itís another thing common between us. He loves to see me eating the way I do, because the other women he knows are always picking on ghas phoos.


Since he comes from a filmi background, do you seek his advice?
He is everything to me. He is someone I can talk to about everything and thatís the beauty of our relationship. Actually, I prefer not to discuss work with him as after a long day it would get too much. We enjoy doing a lot of other things and spend as much time with each other as we can. Yeah, I can ask him for suggestions because he would know better about this industry.

Did you like the towel dropping scene in Saawariya?
(Blushes) I have seen the movie. In fact, I watched the movie with him in Sydney. I saw the song and I think itís cool. I keep teasing him that heís become a gay icon.

Even the girls are hankering after him now. Does that make you feel possessive?
No. I know I am dating a good boy.

Are you worried you wonít get enough for each other, given your busy schedule?
Looking back, Siddharthís film eventually turned out to be a relaxed holiday. And after coming back we did a soft drink ad together. So in all, we have spent two to three months together now. After that, Igot busy with Nikhilís film. Ranbir was supposed to be busy too with the Yash Raj film but since Katrinaís (Kaif) portion got deleted, he has some free time now. But once he starts working too, we will try and find some time with each other.