Now I want to share the history of drone attacks in Pakistan , which started in 2004,

during this session (2004-2011) what happen in Pakistan due to drones?

And why Pakistan Army Chief said “US drone will be shoot down ”? lets see chalk out these facts …

1 These attacks are part of the US' War on Terrorism campaign,

seeking to defeat Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan.

2 Most of these attacks are on targets in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas

along the Afghan border in Northwest Pakistan.

3 In 2009 Barack Obama authorized the continuation of these strikes after he became US president.

Top US officials consider these strikes very successful and believe

that the senior al-Qaeda leadership has been 'decimated' by these strikes.

4 Near about 283 drone attacks were made in Pkistan during this session (2004-2011).

5 Approximately 2680 mens , womens , children and old peoples were killed. And thousand were injured.

6 Due to drone attack Pakistan is deadly suffered in each and every field .

And instead of cope up the terrorism , it increased in shape of bomb blast and suicide in Pakistan.

7 Messages recovered from Osama bin Laden's home after his death in 2011,

including one from then al Qaeda No. 3, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman reportedly,

according to the Agence France-Presse and the Washington Post,

expressed frustration with the drone strikes in Pakistan.

According to an unnamed U.S. Government official,

in his message al-Rahman complained that drone-launched missiles were

killing al Qaeda operatives faster than they could be replaced.

8 In June and July 2011, law enforcement authorities found messages on al Qaeda-linked websites

calling for attacks against executives of drone aircraft manufacturer AeroVironment.

Law enforcement believed that the messages were in response to calls for action against Americans by Adam Yahiye Gadahn.


9 Pakistan has repeatedly protested these attacks as they are an infringement of its sovereignty

and because civilian deaths have also resulted, including women and children,

which has further angered the Pakistani government and people.

10 The policy changed , just weeks ago after a deadly NATO attack on Pakistani military checkpoints,

in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed. This incident effected all the agreements and policies.

11 Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had issued multiple directives since the Nov 26 NATO attack. In which said that ….

A - Pakistani military will be allowed to defend themselves in case of any attack from across border without any prior permission.

B - NATO supply is suspended till now.

C – US personnel vacate Shamsi airbase (Drones were operated fronm shamsi airbase in Pakistan)

D - US drones will be shot down.