Aamir Khan thinks he is No. 1. Period.

At a press conference in the city to promote Samsung’s communication business, the yet media-shy super star declared he is the reigning star of Bollywood. And how.

When asked by journalists what would he ask Shah Rukh Khan if he was a journalist, Aamir said, “Oh that’s a tricky one, no! (Thinks..) I would ask him how does it feel to be No. 2 after Aamir?”. Laughter followed.

He said he had played a journo in Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi so it would not be difficult to play a scribe. On his being media shy, Aamir said that till a time he was flummoxed by the media but was now comfortable in dealing with it.

As a part of its new brand positioning exercise that is aimed at doubling its market share, Samsung Telecommunications India (STI) has roped in film actor Aamir Khan to endorse its mobile phones.

The company has announced a new tagline -"Next is What?" being used in all its communication material along with the launch of five new models of mobile phones.

"With Aamir Khan as our brand ambassador, our strong, differentiated product line-up and our enhanced distribution reach, I am confident that we should be in a position to double our market share in India this year," Samsung South West Asia Headquarters President and CEO H B Lee said in a statement.


Samsung, which already has two distributors in India, has strengthened its network by appointing two more distributors for sales in the Western and Eastern part.

The new handset range launched targets consumers across the multimedia (imaging and music), business lifestyle and popular segments.