The two leading Khans of Bollywood are showing their jocular sides while taking tongue-in-cheek digs at each other.

Both Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan claim they are good friends. But they also acknowledge the healthy competition between them. If SRK likes to call himself ‘king Khan’, Aamir places himself a step higher by describing himself as ‘an ace’The good-natured bantering between the two Khans has resumed once again lately.

At a press meet on Wednesday where Aamir endorsed Samsung phones, when he was asked about competition with SRK (who endorses Nokia), the ‘ace’ Khan said: “As always, Shah Rukh Khan prefers to come second.”


SRK has not taken long to respond to Aamir’s tongue-in-cheek dig.

When asked to respond to Aamir’s remark at a press meet in Mumbai on Thursday regarding his IPL team (Kolkata Knight Riders), Shah Rukh flashed a dimpled smile and said: “I consider it a compliment for him…oops sorry… a compliment from him. Now that was a genuine slip of tongue.

“I just want to tell you, Aamir is a dear friend of mine...We are very good friends and we both have a good sense of humour. I know his jokes and he knows mine. And, he is hundred per cent No. 1."

Elaborating further, SRK spoke about how different he is from Aamir. But he did not miss to add his own touch of witty humour to it.

“He (Aamir) is an intelligent, intellectual person whereas I am more of an instinctive man. He does more of thinking and I do more of acting…I just said Kkkk Kiran…he really loves Kkkkk Kiran,” SRK said with a grin.

Well, the banter between the two Khans continues and the fans are enjoying this good-spirited exchange the most.