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Thread: Capture Movies in DirextX/OpenGL Applications.

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    Capture Movies in DirextX/OpenGL Applications.

    Dxtory 1.0.31
    Capture Movies

    Dxtory is a movie capture tool only for DirextX/OpenGL application. In order to acquire data from Surface Memory directly. It operates very much at high speed. Arbitrary cropping and free scaling are supported. Version 1.0.31 includes unspecified updates.

    The Fastest Movie Capture

    Dxtory is a movie capture tool only for DirextX/OpenGL application.
    In order to acquire data from Surface Memory directly, It operates very much at high speed.
    Arbitrary cropping and free scaling are supported.

    Distribution HDD Writing


    The bottleneck of No. 1 of the speed of capture is a write-in speed to HDD.
    If it is the environment of two or more HDD, this function will accelerate writting speed.
    Preparation is completed only by specifying two or more holders which save data, and performing speed setting, without using a special file system.
    Please experience high performance.


    Trial Mode Restrictions

    A logo goes into the file generated by capture.

    Capture format


    Capture Resolution


    Supported OS

    Windows Vista series
    Windows Server 2003 series
    Windows 2000 series
    Windows XP series
    Include x64

    Indispensable Runtime

    .NET Framework 2.0

    License : F R E E to try;

    Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista, Microsoft .NET Framework 2

    990.07 kB

    About Execute Program

    .NET Framework 2.0 needs to be installed in execution of Dxtory.
    x86 is the 32-bit version and x64 is the 64-bit version. Please install .NET Framework for OS currently used.
    In the case of localized OS, such as Japanese environment, Language Pack of .NET Framework is installation recommendation. Since it is ending with installation at Windows Vista, it is unnecessary.

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    How to Use

    Please set up a hot key, when the hot key is not set up.
    Please set up a holder, when the holder is not set up.
    Capture is started by pressing the hot key.
    Again, pressing the hot key will stop capture.
    The captured data is outputted to the set-up folder.

    When saved by RawCap, for playing a movie, it is necessary to convert to AVI file. Conversion uses CapConverter. CapConverter displays the captured data by thumbnail.


    The process information for capture is displayed.

    Process List
    The processes which load the module of DirectX or OpenGL are enumerated.


    Video FPS
    The number of times of updating of Surface per second is displayed on a screen.

    Write File FPS
    The number of times of frame writing to the file per second is displayed on a screen.

    Record Status
    Icon is displayed during recording.

    View Position
    The display position of FPS and status can be specified. A position will be determined if a mouse click is performed. It will be disabled if a center is clicked.


    The combination of Ctrl/Shift/Alt key, and arbitrary keys can be specified as the hot key of a recording start stop. It operates, even if it overlaps the hot key of other applications.


    The folder which writes in recording data can be specified.
    The top folder of a list becomes a primary.
    Use of the folder is validated with checking a check box.
    Maximum 8 folders can be specified.

    When you specify two or more folders, please be sure to set up Write Speed.
    Performance may not be enough unless it sets up speed.
    The built-in write file benchmark can also perform speed setting automatically.
    The numerical value on the right of an icon button is the file size which a benchmark writes in.

    Reserve File Space
    Before starting capture, it tries to reserve file spaces. Reservation is not performed when there is not sufficient space. Reservation of a space may raise write performance.


    frame rate of capture.

    It can specify capturing by reducing to free size. Since the amount of data to write in will become less if it reduces when the most, Write File FPS improves. Since CPU is performing reduction processing in other than DirextX9, CPU load becomes high when it is used.

    If an Enabled check box is checked, it will come into effect. Clipping is cropping processing, and since it is not necessary to capture a useless file space, the part file size becomes small.

    They are pixel coordinates of the left end to clip.

    They are the pixel coordinates of the upper end to clip.

    It is the number of pixels of the width to clip.

    It is the number of pixels of the height to clip.

    Pixel Format

    Raw Data:
    It is not processed at all to the acquired data. But although CPU load is low, since Bitrates are high, high-speed HDD is needed.

    1-pixel 32-bit data is packed and recorded on 24 bits. Although quality of image is the same as Raw Data, CPU load increases and Bitrates decreases.

    1 pixel is recorded by YUV24bit. It is a form suitable for compression.

    It is format which shares 2x2 unit brightness by YUV format and is compressed. Although Bitrates decreases, quality of image deteriorates from original.

    It is format which shares 4x4 unit brightness by YUV format and is compressed. Bitrates decreases most and quality of image deteriorates most.

    Original coding compression is performed. When there is sufficient CPU resource, a write-in speed of a file improves.

    File Format

    It saves by an AVI file. When you save by 1HDD, please use it here.
    It saves by a rawcap file. This format is useful only when saving using two or more HDD.

    Include Cursor
    With the application in window mode, when the mouse cursor is using the thing of a system, if this is checked, cursor will be compounded and recorded on a movie.


    Record Sound
    It checks to record a sound.

    Audio Device

    The device which captures a sound is specified.
    Source of device.
    Audio volume of source.

    Sampling of Multiple of 8
    If the number of samplings is not a multiple of 8 in the case of a specific codec, sound gap will occur. When it checks, a sampling is displayed on a list only the multiple of 8.

    The audio codecs installed are enumerated. (None) is the non-compression format(PCM) which does not use a codec.

    Format Tag Detail
    The formats which can be used by each codec are enumerated. The format to be used is chosen here.


    Safe mode
    Please use it, when an error comes out with the application for capture. Video FPS is restricted to Capture FPS at the time of capture. In the case of OpenGL, load of the direction of safe mode use decreases.

    Capture is started with detection
    Capture is automatically started simultaneously with detection until it presses the hot key and stops.

    Video FPS sync mode
    Video FPS is synchronized with the frame rate of capture at the time of a non-safe mode.

    Processing Thread Mode

    Processes by 1 thread.
    Processes by 2 threads. It cannot be used when there are few 2 logic processors.
    Processes by 4 threads. It cannot be used when there are few 4 logic processors.

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