Having choreographed Shah Rukh Khan's item song for Rakesh Roshan's Krazzy 4, choreographer Ahmed Khan was all set to guide Hrithik Roshan's through identical rhythms.

But now there's a problem. Because of Hrithik's knee problem his version of the item song has been pushed from February into March.

"And the dates are clashing with the song that I've to do with Shahid Kapoor for Ken Ghosh's film. The dates were firmed in long ago.

And I don't know what to do! Shahid is not just my buddy, he's like my brother. Besides the song requires a lot of special effects. It's a complicated number.

There's no way I can disappoint him," says Ahmed currently wrapping up the production work for Pathshala featuring a cast of phenomenally-talented child actors.


But now Ahmed needs to find a way out of the deadlock regarding Hrithik's item song. "We're trying to work out a solution. However if all fails then there's no choice I'll have to go with Shahid. Hrithik will have to get another choreographer."

Ironically at a time when Ahmed is taking his job as a filmmaker so seriously he's suddenly much in-demand as a choreographer.

In fact he has just choreographed a huge number with Aamir Khan in Gajini. "With his newly-acquired muscles and toned body Aamir's dance movements are phenomenal. The way he moves has to be seen to be believed," says Ahmed.