While Kareena Kapoor is looking stunning these days, it seems to us that she is taking the phrase, 'living on love and fresh air' a hit too literally. According to sources, the actress, who has been on this major diet to look absolutely perfect in a bikini for her film Tashan, that she actually stopped eating a few days before the shooting of the sequence in Greece.


But the grueling shooting schedule proved to be too much for her and her 'only orange juice diet' as she collapsed on the sets sparking off concern about her health. The actress who is currently holidaying in London with boyfriend Saif Ali Khan brushed aside the incidents as a minor health scare and resumed shooting. Recently even Shah Rukh Khan found himself dehydrated while shooting for the Dard-e-Disco song in Om Shanti Om. As he did not an ounce of extra weight to mar his six-pack. Kareena who has whittled down to less than 48 kg with a waistline of 23 inches, has raised serious concerns about anorexia but the actress insists that she is healthy and has credited yoga and balanced eating to her weight loss. It seems that Saif has been prodding her to eat better and put on some weight. But one guy who is happy with her new figure is Tashan producer Aditya Chopra who texted her compliments on her stunning look in the film and especially the bikini sequences. From Bipasha Basu and Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom to Kareena in Tashan, Aditya sure likes his women slim.