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Thread: Sardar complaint about people making fun of them

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    Sardar complaint about people making fun of them

    This is about a day when Mr. Zail was the President of the country. All sardars in the country went to him this day and told him that people tease them by making jokes about them that when the clock stucks 12:00, all sardars go mad and act like crazy. They complained that this is not true. They also complained that people talk about sardar having no common sanse. Therefore, they demanded him to go bring for them common sense.

    Mr. Zail Singh was confused and asked his secretary to give him some suggestions. The secretary advised him to go to Japan, since quality is guaranteed.


    The next day Mr. Zail Singh rushes off to Japan. At the Osaka Airport he hires a cab and asks him to take him to a shop where he can get common sense.

    The cab driver was pissed, he told him that there is no shop in Japan that sells such stuff. Infact every human being has common sense since birth. And that one should know how to make use of it. Mr. Zail Singh asked him to explain in detail.

    He started explaining by giving an example. The example was that there are 4 members in his family, his wife, his son, and his daughter. He then asked Mr. Zail Singh to guess the fourth members of the family. Mr. Zail Singh said, "How am i supposed to know who is the forth member in your family". The driver said, "fool, its me" Mr. Zail then understood and said,"oh! is this what common sense is?, Indian sardars are fools and stupid, this is so easy!"

    The next day he goes back to India and announces all sardars to get together for a mass sardar lunch. He starts explaining with the same example. He says," there are 4 members in my family, my son, my daughter, and my wife, guess who is the fourth one?". All sardars shouted, "We don't know".

    He then yells at them,"You fools, stupid, good for nothing. It is so simple, the fourth member of the family is that taxi driver"

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    You should be ashamed on making jokes on our President. Throughout his tenure he has no controversies.

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