This is the story of Vijaya… she is a girl who was under full control of her parents. She did everything which was told to her by her dad and mom since she was a child.
Her parents inculcated in her that she must study hard and hard and reach higher studies and, highest position in tertiary education. Vijaya was brought up in that way since childhood, and had to achieve her goal… her father was a clerical assistant in the state departments of the country and it was his dreams that he wanted to see being realised by his daughter. He was not able to reach higher studies and wished to see Vijaya do what he did not.
He got married at the age of 21 while his wife (Vijaya’s mother) was only 17 at that time. It was a love marriage as he had seen her when he was travelling by bus to go to work those days and had a weakness for her and anyhow he was able to get their parents convinced to get them married.

Now when Vijaya was growing up, her dad inculcated this also in her mind that she must NEVER take love into consideration, not to let any boy approach her and not to be influenced in anyway by love as that will cause disturbance in achieving her goal. He put in into her mind that love is something trivial and never good for the well being of the future in life. Yet he, himself was in love madly with his wife when he was in his youth…. Vijaya was 12 years old when her dad started brainwashing negatively about LOVE.
So she was brought up in that way and was always keeping away with boys. She was never giving any chance for a boy to approach her. She had only girls in her circle of friends.

Days went on Vijaya started going to college which was only for girls. She had no contact with any boys…. When she was in her teens the desire for love took the birth in her heart and she had a friend named Farzana who was in love with a boy and she was relating everything about her meeting and courtship with her boyfriend…. And Vijaya considered that to be a very BAD thing as she was taught by her dad and mom that the way of love is the worst….. but even though she was around 18 years old at that time and her heartbeats was going against what her parents had taught her…. She had a wish to have a boyfriend who would touch her, who would tell her in whispers that he loves her, who would meet her secretly, with whom she will elapse some intimate moments in his arms…. She desired to be loved and a fire within her was burning for love…..
She curbed that desire to please her parents… she told herself that love will come in her life after she terminates her studies. She was comforting herself by telling that the boy she loves lives in her dream within herself and she would talk to him whenever she was alone in her room….
In fact she needed to be loved and dearly wished to have someone for herself to share her love. But she knew her parents will never agree and there will be lots of problems.
When she was 20, a boy anyhow came to know her as she was going to the same university. That boy named Ajay was madly in love with her and proposed her that he will do anything for her if only she accepted his love…. But Vijaya, despite that she found in Ajay the person she wanted to have, categorically refused him, telling him if he will persist she will report him of misbehaviour to the dean. For two years Ajay was around her on all especial occasion at the university yet she gave no way for him to get into her life…. Ajay truly loved her and the whole campus was aware for his love for Vijaya and they all knew that Vijaya will never accept…. Many friends talked on behalf of Ajay but to no avail.

The father of Vijaya monitored almost all her activities. He always went to drop her at the university and went to take her back and even when she had to do some shopping her parents were with her…. Her dad watched that no boy ever turns around her….
Vijaya had hardened herself so as not to let love dominate her life but instead she also like her parents aimed for higher studies, big certificates a big job with big salary.

And that happened when she was 27 years old.
She soon got a job in a very big firm and was appointed the general manager and was earning 40,000 bucks monthly. She got a private car. Her parents were very happy. And her dad was the happiest man in the world…. She started getting marriage proposals… her dad was still reluctant… her mother talked to her in private telling her that if she will get married how will she repay her father for all he had done for her financially?... then Vijaya decided to work for the next three years to help her dad repay the loans he had taken for her studies. By then she got a sort of scholarship from the company she works for to follow a certain course abroad…. She went to UK FOR TWO YEARS…again studies!!

When she was back she was 32 years old!!!..... and now not even a marriage proposal?!.... She was so much involved in her works that she did not pay heed either she gets married or not.
She met her friend Farzana who was now a mother of two cute kids. She got married to the same boy she was in love in her teens. They were both very happy and leading a pleasant life.

And now Vijaya was earning over 50,000 bucks per month! Big money, car, luxuries of life and all that…. materially she had everything… but what was she missing in her life? She said she lacked nothing and was very happy as she was.
Now her dad wanted to see his grandchildren!! He was growing old and now it was his age to play with grandchildren!! it was at this moment that they talked marriage with her… and the proposals were no longer available!! The parents now started looking for an ideal pair!! Now they were aiming for a son in law who will be earning over the 50,000 than the daughter!!... the perfect match was it there??
They got boys over the age of 45 for a girl who was reaching her 35!!!.... Did they think that there will be a boy in the twenties who will be waiting for Vijaya??

Who is to be blamed for all this? Why now Vijaya was not interested to get married?.....
One proposal was from a widower with two kids!.... other proposals were from men nearing the fifties!!... Who would accept now???

And after two months the father of Vijaya died!!... BEFORE HE EXPIRED HE ASKED TO BE FORGIVEN BY VIJAYA AS HE FELT GUILTY FOR HER FATE!!! Vijaya said no words at all!!! She was not talking so much lately….she was often found enclosed in her room not having any conversation with anyone, neither at work nor at home!
She was living alone with her mother now, who was nearing her seventies and was becoming very difficult to adapt as the old woman was by then very eccentric…..

Days went by, years moved ahead and Vijaya was soon 50 years old!!..HER MOTHER WAS STILL HERE BUT WAS KEEPING THE BED SINCE THE LAST SIX MONTHS!!
After reading the invitation card she closed herself into her room and burst into a cry!!
She talked to herself:…. “today I could have been a mother as well, I would be marrying my daughter as well, I would have had kids who would have called me mama!! I would have a husband who would have cared for me, who would LOVE me…I would have known LOVE… I don’t need all the money I have I don’t want the cars I don’t need the luxuries of life I need only love, affection and caring!...i have no one to love me, I am old yet unmarried, all this because of my greedy parents!! They snatched love out of my life. Today I am lonely and will die lonely. What the use of earning so much money? Who will inherit all my riches? What’s the use of having studies that much? I have no family. I am a poor orphan!”
She cried her woes to herself…. Her mother heard and tried hard to walk to Vijaya’s room and on seeing her in that state, she cried as well and asked forgiveness…. But Vijaya was so nervous that she shouted to her asking her to get out of her sight!! She blamed her mother to be greedy of fame and money like her dad! She told her to be his accomplice!

Vijaya went to attend the wedding of Farzana’s daughter and she met all the friends of her teens days… they were all there and ALL WERE MOTHERS AND SOME WERE EVEN GRANDMOTHERS!!.... She cried her fate a lot with all of her friends, and she cursed herself for having listened to her dad and for having curbed her desire the days love was taking birth within her! How much she wished to be loved and to have a boy in her life those days but because of her dad’s wish she had turned down those feelings!
If at that time she had listened to her heart she would be inviting others for the wedding of her children or would be playing with her grand children!!!!

She was very depressive when she was back home on that day after attending the wedding…..
And the next morning she was found dead on her bed!
This was the story of Vijaya.

Moral: 1.Never turn away love when it knocks at your heart’s door.
2. Parents must never force kids to do things against their will
3. Greed for money, fame, luxuries leads to nowhere.


I was inspired to write this as I know some parents like the one in this story and I personally know three girls like this. one is 35 years old, secretary, one is 32, medical assistant and one (who is my character) is 43 years old and is the manager of a well known firm in my country and who says she will not get married now as its too late)…… and I know there are millions cases like this one in the world.

I have to add that time and age NEVER WAITS FOR ANYONE!