Sanjay Dutt has overdone it already. Barely six days into his new fitness schedule with his US trainer Lawrence, the actor is believed to have collapsed on Saturday.

Dutt had commenced his new, vigorous fitness regime in his zeal to develop an eight-pack abs and be fit for his role the action drama, Blue. According to sources, Dutt collapsed while exercising on Saturday evening and was immediately asked to stop his workouts. The actor had pulled his muscles badly while working on a particularly strenuous exercise. It was so painful that the actor could not even move his limbs. The doctor was summoned immediately and Dutt was advised complete bed rest for a week. Wife Maanyata has been attending to him. Seeing that the actor will not be exercising for a while now, the actor’s wife is taking of his diet as well. Dutt admits that he pushed himself too hard while working out. Incidentally, the actor was working out after two years. He says that he got excited at being in the gym again after such a long time. He says that it is extremely painful but adds that if he wants a fit body, then he is willing to pay the price for it. Though the actor has three months to go before the shooting for Blue starts, he says that he will start working out slowly, because if he stops, he knows that he will not be able to start again.