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Thread: Bill Gates is no more 'The Richest'

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    Bill Gates is no more 'The Richest'

    Carlos Slim Helu! That is the name you will hear more often now. After all, the title of 'The Richest person on Earth' will go to Carlos Slim Helu. Bill Gates, who stayed at the top of the list for 13 consecutive years has been dethroned.

    Who is Carlos Slim Helu?
    Many may not know him. I had heard his name a few times before on business channels, but didn't knew much. He is a Mexican who heads a Latin American telecom company called America Movil which provides services around the world.

    How do Gates and Helu stack up?
    Helu's net worth is estimated to be 67.8 billion dollars while Gates is around 57.2 billion. That's quite a big difference!
    However, Bill Gates is reported to have donated close to 30 billion in charities in the last seven years. Carlos Slim Helu has committed to donate about 10 billion in the next few years.

    According to Forbes, they are just two among the 946 billionaires in the world. The combined wealth of all these billionaires works out to be around a humongous 3.5 trillion dollars. That's right! 3.5 trillion!

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