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Thread: An Open Love Letter To You All....

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    An Open Love Letter To You All....

    Hai My friends...

    While standing here to say bye...Am feeling so nervous at this time. Its not being so easy for me to say bye..........U know...

    To this world of fantacy I was a newcomer..apart from my kitchen experiences it was something different for me...without knowing anything I wandered here and there a lot...met a lot of friends...answered so many times for the trade mark question "asl.."..Eventhough I had to convince my morals and concepts...It was a journey of fun..

    My entry to this forum was through an email sent by a close friend. In first I didnt get the idea of "forum".. and its rules....then day by day I felt as it is our old class room where me and my friends sit on the desk chatting, taunting, mocking, teasing, fighting......and at last saying sorry and loving without any fake emotions.. Thus I too been adicted to this nice forum.

    Napster...the coolest member. Always been gentle to everyone. never did any discriminating attitude to anyone- let them be a newcomer or an older member. Napster,,,It was so nice moment with you yaar...I will try to keep it in my memory.

    Lina...I dont know why, whenever I read her comments it reflects her to Rani...In short, Now am believing Rani looks like gentle and cute behaviour to all...I liked her company so much. Whenever she adds "love you.." in her replies, it seems as there is someone who says this magical words without any hesitation to anybody...I too love you da...

    Sweety....So naughty she is...but I liked her mischeif. Whenever she comes to the forum it seems as the forum is buring as a sun...that much energy she eliminates...Let me pray for you da..let everything be fine in ur life.... and let me say..always be as the same as you are.....Will Miss you da..

    Ash...I had given her an image of a sweet kid. She always tried to be a nice member. And her posts tooo....In inspiration she and sweety had contributed a lot...for me it was something so worthy. Love you Ash...Be the cutiest member of our forum...As our Aishwarya Rai..

    Sunshine...Hamari Pari...I like her so much. Her way of transfering thoughts into words..Inshah Allah...La Jawaab hai apki adayeim..Try to take a Ph.D in philosophy not serious...Really words are under your make your thoughts little more brighter by knowledge...Inshah Allah....Khuda apko salamath rakhe.. innocent member. Always comments in such a way that no one could hurt by her words...Like her innocence...Will remember you Lalliv..

    Shalin...being a kid he posted so many informative and helpful posts which made me to thank him...Moreover wat I found in him is that he never allowed anyone to post anything that is not worthy for our forum..I liked that spirit....Shalin, Do your exams well...Have a nice future too...

    Darani....A cool guy...whenever we met in the forum we had nice conversations.. would like to appreciate him for his knowledge regarding computer and internet...May God Bless you my friend..

    Knight...We didnt play together at so many times...but whenever we communicated it was so nice. He dont know Hindi..and am below average in english. But the snaps that he posted after returning from india really made me to say...You Are A Good Photographer Knight...keep that talent my friend...Nature always will give you something to cherish..

    Saagar...I think he speaks hardly. So strict as a headmaster...but I liked the way of his management...take care saagar..

    Dino..I didnt miss your name my friend...waiting for your invitation...Have a Nice and Prosperous Married Life....

    Lovely Angel, Jasmine, Leogal,shainee,krimkash, jojopatty, lived,...Am remembering you all for your nice posts that made me to think in different way..Thanks a lot my friends..

    Anchal...A new comer..but she occupied much space in everyones heart. I liked her way of response. So smart...and well mingling with every one. Am not lucky to have your friendship anchaal...But let this forum be alive with your nice replies...

    So, at the end....Had I forgotten anyones name...? Old age na...low memory...high BP...! hmm....Ya...One person who brought me to this forum...I dont know the username..But I know that person is here somewhere...No words can pay my gratitude and my oblige to you my friend...Am always obliged to you....Always be happy...Let your happiness be my source of happiness...I will remember you always.

    So My friends...It was a nice journey. Thanks a lot for all your responds and respects...Am honoured with your each appreciation that you made and it made me to live in full enthusiasm. Deep from my heart am thanking you all for all your well wishes...

    So a word at last....Bye...See You My Friends...

    With Lots Of Love

    Me and My Thoughts..!!!

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    An Open Love Letter To You All....

    Wow thats really gud frnd!!

    Wonderfull wordings great words dear!

    Appreciable Love letter in a lovely way!!

    Same from us to you dear Hema!!

    Do take care! Have a lovely, lavishing, wonderful and smiling days ahead Swt Hrt!!

    A daily thought...

    A silent tear...

    A Constant wish that u r near...

    Words are few but thoughts r deep...

    Memories of friendship will be always keet!!


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    ..hmmm..such a sad moment…ye upar waala bhi na…He brings people in your life and then he decides to separate you… know hema there’s something about you, something magical that makes me feel warm from the inside when I remember you…main makhan nahi laga rahi..main sach bol rahi hu…hema your not only intelligent but your kind and have a loving and friendly nature… If your not here then who’s going to encourage us and the new members who arrive..?.. who’s going to write all inspirational words..?.. who’s going to lift our souls when we feel down..?.. Who’s going to tease us members..?..hunni thankyou so much for everything...

    ..hema everyone stands in their own place and I’m being honest hunni to me this nido forum will be adhoori without you... aapke bache na are lucky to have you as their ammi...even though we may have not spent a lot of time with eachother…you’ll always be remembered by me hema and these memories will always be are someone special…

    ..aao na chalo lets say a prayer for you together…may Allah be with you every step you take..may He guide you each decision you make..may He help you when life gets rough..may He lift you when you’ve had enough..may He protect you when you fall..may He hear you when you call..may He soothe your heart when you don’t understand..and may you always be in Allah’s loving hand..Amin... you really have to go..hema zaroori he jao na….hmm..give my love to your bache..always smile..I hope you and your family are fine..hunni waapas aa jao na...hmm..make sure you take care of yourself…I’m always going to miss you…

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    wat happened da hemas ????????plz come backkk
    why she leave us?did anyone know the reason???
    if anyone of this forum know her email id plz pm me her id.

    i'm totally saddddd can't write anything else

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    hello guys.................i am missing a lot to hema, actually she told dat she is leaving coz of some transfer...............but i hope she will come back again...........i love u soooooooo much hema.................miss u..................

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    Miss u & ur replies Hema ..........come back soon

    something for u

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    missing u hema ....

    and u r the one who taught me that words have gr8 power then one can understand....i will always miss u and remember u not coz it was fun having u around but most importantly coz it was like being a kid again when u were a kid we could share with open heart and same time have fun, play pranks and still be so sweet a kid no worries and tensions when u were around........

    i will wait that for u come back..........i know it may take time but u will come back..... ....god bless where ever u go...

    hmm well aab most buttering ka award mujko mat dena guys...lolz

    but seriously will miss ur presence for sure

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    Hey Dear Hema.... frankly I M not too good with words and also m not so active in the forum.. but yes you are a very important member of this forum and will miss u for sure...

    your posts and presence have always made this forum the best and you going away like this is really a big loss for the forum..

    Anywas life is to move on always.. my best wishese are always with you.. no matter where ever you are happiness is always like a shadow wth you.... take care dear... & have a great life ahaed...

    My marriage date is not finalised but i will for sure give you an invitation when ever it happens...

    Take Care..

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    hi hemas, with my irregular visits to the forum as D always says looks like im one of the last ones to see this and that too thanks to Sweety.
    As usual all the important posts seem to get lost.
    thanks for all the times we did share together and do wish and hope that you come back online soon. hope you havent gone of to some god forsaken place where there is no net connection.
    we will all wait in hope that you will return soon and hopefully all our lovely buttering will magnetically pull you back to the forum.
    wishing you good luck always and hope you read our good wishes. bye and come back soon. MISS YOU

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    this is being brought back for all those who havent seen it

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