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Thread: You are always mine

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    Jasmine Surve

    You are always mine

    Neither feels the coolness of the moon
    Nor feels the heat of the sun
    Neither feels the depth of sea
    Nor feeling the sand under the feet
    Feels like life has gone standstill
    Let not the rust get on itů

    Ve not build the castles on the shore
    To get them carried away by waves
    Let not the sigh remain at heart
    And just phony smile on the face
    Open your arms to seize me
    Show me the approach for this life

    Let me feel the warmth of the sun
    And comfort of the moon
    Feel the depth of the sea
    And touch of the soft sand
    Let life get groove with you
    And shine as bright as Sunů

    You are always mine

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    ..thanks for the post..

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    such a nice post

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