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Thread: Plz take my life...

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    Jasmine Surve

    Plz take my life...

    Things getting worse and worse day by day,
    Itís the either time or you going astray,
    Words are not enough, thinking what to say,
    Itís only me and my cigarette, getting dump in ash tray.

    O God, You are wiser, all knower, Almighty.
    Please take my life, grant me death, cordially.

    She is charming, joyous and very lovely in the crowd,
    Iíve turned dull, quite and very lonely wherever I go out.
    She left me alone in this crowd,
    Left me in past and gifted me, rain cloud.
    Flood of pain in my heart.
    Welcome drop of tear from the cloud.

    O God, You are wiser, all knower, Almighty.
    Please take my life, grant me death, cordially.

    Praying to God, Bestow death to me,
    God said: O child Iíve already bestowed you an apple tree.
    Love is what Iím gifted by god.
    Die and die each day until you thrive.
    So they say,
    An apple a day will kill you away, each day, every dayÖ


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    hmm.......nice post jasmine...

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    very morose post life is to be lived to the fullest and treat everyday as if it were last.

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    i felt sad...but nice post jas

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