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    Jasmine Surve


    Let it be anonymous,
    Let it be in fiasco,
    That very longing which still lies preserved...
    In the temple of heart like a sacred trust.
    In the cluster of aspirations,
    It's verdict has always been kept dear.
    Let it stay away from the test of expression,
    Let it be deprived of the closeness of tongue and lips....
    Let it be non-existent as it is.

    That when tellers and words are moulded into the form of sounds,
    They do not remain in our control.
    On the waves of wind,they fly everywhere.
    That they,after being moulded into expression,
    Become the property of others.


    By becoming strangers to us,they can someday object us.
    On our way of journey,by becoming a hurdle,
    They can obstruct us.
    Because when passions grow in the heat of the shape of words,
    They become independent.
    Some relentless moment,it is possible,
    Like a merciless enemy.......
    In the life veins of invaluable passions,
    Can dissolve a deadly poision.
    And trample our helplessness.

    Let it be nameless,in the world of heart,
    Let it be anonymous like this...
    Let it sancity of our unsaid things...
    Be preserved as it is.
    Let the fate be as it is.

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    nice 1

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